Teaching a short but well-rounded ukulele course? You Can Play Ukulele Today! is the book for you.

Ten clear, methodical lessons cover all the essentials: tuning, a handful of chords, the major scale and half-a-dozen great songs for you to sing, pick, and strum right away!

The Quickstart Guide for Everyone

• 10 essential Beginner lessons
• Affordably priced
• For self-study or classroom use
• 100% high-4th friendly [?]
• Includes singing, picking and strumming
• play by ear and by note
• All songs transcribed with chord symbols, notation, and lyrics
• Plus… it’s fun!

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You Can Play Ukulele Today! covers all the essentials

Tuning, a handful of chords, the major scale, half-a-dozen great songs to sing, pick, and strum, and a handy list of over 60 fun two-chord and three-chord songs. Written by the authors of the Ukulele in the Classroom series, this little book punches well above its weight!

includes condensed versions of key lessons from Ukulele in the Classroom Books 1 and 2.

It’s an affordable, well-rounded solution that gives all teachers (not just music specialists), students of all ages, and curious first-time pickers an unbeatable start on this versatile, fun-to-play instrument. And when you’re ready to explore a broader range of skills and repertoire, you’ll have a head-start on the comprehensive three-volume Ukulele in the Classroom series .

How is it different from other beginner ukulele method books?

Glad you asked. You Can Play Ukulele Today! is unique because it’s the tip of the Ukulele in the Classroom iceberg. In other words, when you’re ready to move onto more skills and repertoire, you’ll make a seamless transition to the next step.

REPERTOIRE: Safari (Hill), All Night Long (Trad.), Ev’rybody Loves Saturday Night (Trad.), Alabama Bound (Trad.), Rocky Mountain (Trad.), Rattle on the Stovepipe (Trad.), Crawdad Song (Trad.)

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