It's the new Ukulele Yes!




It’s the next phase of Ukulele Yes! We felt it was time to bring back this great resource but make it more manageable and useful for people in the current online environment. So, we’ve made it a blog! When you subscribe to Ukulele Yes!, you’ll receive an email from us when new posts are published, which will be about once a month so they won’t clutter up your Inbox!

Posts will be helpful and inspiring teaching stories, tools and tips that are working for teachers just like you around the world.

In addition, the Ukulele Yes! Archive is still around so you can search out all of those fantastic articles from past issues and previous iterations. There are loads of really useful teaching resources in there from over the years so make sure you check it out.

Thanks for signing up here and let’s keep spreading the goodness of music through our favourite little instrument.

Uke on!