Solider's Joy

Solider's Joy

Trad., Arr. Aaron Keim (The Quiet American)

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 C6 Tuning (g, c, e, a) 
 D6 Tuning (a, d, f#, b)

Considered one of the all-time classic American fiddle tunes, Solider's Joy has a very colourful history going back some 250 years. Learn more.

Aaron Keim plays his arrangement of Soldier's Joy. Watch in D6 tuning.

Not sure how clawhammer works? Check out the feature article in this issue. Contributions by Aaron Keim, Li'l Rev, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, Jere Canote and James Hill.

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Aaron Keim is a musican, historian and luthier based in Oregon, USA. As The Quiet American, Aaron performs original and traditional folk music on guitar, ukulele and banjo.