Issue 32: Welcome Back!


Imagine my delight, then, when I brought home a bit of clawhammer for it to try on! Clawhammer is old and new at the same time like a great vintage outfit. Stylish yet traditional. Fun but not frilly. Just the right fit.

Plateaus in your (or your students') progress are natural. We've all been there. Frustrating as it is, hitting the occasional plateau is just part of the learning process. Thankfully, there are many "plateau busters" available to both teachers and students alike. A plateau buster is an idea, a technique, an approach... anything that renews a person's love for learning music.

James Hill

Pedagogy Corner

Chord 3000

Warning: technical jargon ahead. If you're not interested in the inner workings of this chord, skip to the next section! Go on... save yourself!!

Still here? Ok, you asked for it. Technically speaking, this is a C13 chord (just in case you were wondering); it contains four notes: C (the root), E (the third), B-flat (the seventh) and A (the thirteenth). You might have noticed that the "thirteenth" of a chord is the same note as the "sixth" of the chord (try it for yourself: count six steps up the musical alphabet starting with the note C like this: C, D, E, F, G, A. Count thirteen steps and you'll arrive at the same note).

So why not call this chord C6? Because a C6 chord has no 7th. That's the big difference (the only difference, in fact) between C6 and C13. In other words, C13 is a dominant chord. C6 is not. The rule is this: when we use a number higher than 7 we're signaling that the 7th of the chord is also present.

Uke Bites

The New Ukulele Program Starter Kit


What’s included?

  • Advocacy resources

  • Top 10 Reasons to Choose Ukulele

  • Parent letter template

  • 5 Steps to Success

  • Words of wisdom from ukulele teachers around the world

  • the C Chord Trap (And How to Avoid It)

  • two fun Songs to teach Right Away

  • Easy Pickin’s: Melody for Beginners

  • A Detailed Sample lesson plan

  • The Ukulele in the Classroom Story: 50 Years in the Making

  • Must-have Flashcards

and more!