I'll Fly Away

I'll Fly Away

Alfred Brumley, arr. John Kavanagh


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 Melody, chords and lyrics
 Higher-position chords (C6 tuning)
 Higher-position chords (D6 tuning)
 Vocal/instrumental Harmony parts

This popular country-gospel song by Alfred Brumley has been used as a sing-along finale at a lot of the bluegrass and country music shows I’ve been to. It's the part where everybody gets up on stage and wails away and the audience joins in and you wish it would never end. My community uke group has done it a couple of times in public, and it always goes well. Many people know at least the chorus, and it’s easy to learn so you can count on a lot of people joining in.

Start with the simple lead-sheet version (click on the sheet music above). In the Pedagogy Corner column I discuss how to arrange the tune for uke group and suggest some up-the-neck alternate positions for the chords. Often people will harmonise this tune by ear - it’s a natural - but if your group has trouble with this, I’ve also provided a simple three-part harmonisation.

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A professional multi-instrumentalist based in Kentville, Nova Scotia, John Kavanagh is a regular contributor to Ukulele Yes!He has a great CD called Parlour Music: Ragtime & Classical duets for uke and guitar. Find out more at http://ezfolk.com/audio/John_Kavanagh.