Limehouse Blues


Limehouse Blues



A hot swingin' arrangement of a tune made famous by Django Reinhardt and the Mills Brothers. Uptempo with lovely harmonies and a very hot "shout chorus"!

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An Arrangement in Five Parts for Advanced Ukulele Big Band

That's right, advanced ukulele big band. If you're a seasoned swing uke player and want to sink your teeth into a challenge, this hot swing arrangement of Limehouse Blues is for you! Made famous by jazz great Django Reinhardt, Limehouse Blues seethes with that unmistakable "Hot Club De Paris" feel. Arranged by James Hill, this five-part score is a chance for you to take your ukulele group/class/jam to the next level!

There are so many great things about this arrangement we had to list them in point form:

  • It's 100% high-4th-string friendly (i.e. no "low 4th" string required)

  • Each of the five ukulele parts are presented in standard notation AND tablature

  • For ensembles as small as six players (or as big as you dare!)

  • Jazz chord diagrams are provided in each part

  • Graded parts: each of the five parts is graded (Uke I = hardest, Uke V = easiest) so that there's something for everyone!

But that's not all... not even close. Your Limehouse Blues download package (a 27Mb ZIP file) is jammed-packed with everything you need to get your ukulele group swingin', including:

  • The complete conductor's score (6 pages) Free sample! (PDF)

  • Ukulele parts I, II, III, IV, and V (4 pages each) Free sample! (PDF)

  • A recording (mp3) of the complete score played by James Hill

  • A note-for-note transcription of James' solo (including TAB) to give you ideas for your own improvisations (plus a recording of the full score without the solo)

  • A practise recording (mp3) of each part (with count-in)

  • Teaching/learning notes including key points, rehearsal suggestions, and more.

Warning: This five-part, hard-swingin' Hot-Club-style arrangement is not for the faint of heart! A-one, a-two, a-one, two, three, four...