Songs come and songs go. But some, like the 20 gems chosen for this collection, are timeless.

Great Popular Songs features 20 songs spanning the three levels of the Ukulele in the Classroom series. Songs include Take This Hammer, Pay Me My Money Down, Streets of Laredo, Down By the Riverside, Midnight Special, Hard Times Come Again No More, The Cruel War, Shine On Harvest Moon and many, many more. All songs are in the public domain so you are free to perform and record them.

  • 20 timeless popular songs.

  • Chord symbols, notation, and lyrics.

  • Every song includes a Learning Guide.

  • Every song is leveled according to the three levels of the Ukulele in the Classroom series.

  • Chord chart included.

  • Includes a two-page Artist Index so that you can see at a glance which of your favourite musicians have recorded the songs in the book!

  • 100% high-4th friendly.

  • For self-study and classroom use.

  • A fun way to expand your repertoire of songs!

Why no cd?

Why doesn’t Great Popular Songs come with a CD? Because part of the fun of this book is listening to — and learning from — many different performances of each song. Take a song like Midnight Special. Listen to the CCR version, the ABBA version, the Beatles version and the Odetta version. Which elements of each do you like or dislike? Which elements will you incorporate into your own arrangement? Fun!