Become a JHUI Mentor!

Now you can share your knowledge and make JHUI better by becoming a Mentor! JHUI Mentors have completed Level 3 of the JHUI Teacher Certification Program and are available to guide current JHUI students as they navigate the program. Apply to become a JHUI Mentor by filling in the form at right.

Please note: JHUI mentors are volunteers.

About the JHUI Mentor Program


To provide peer support to current JHUI students through one-on-one partnerships with JHUI alumni.

Mentorship is:

  • Openness

  • Empathy

  • Curiosity

  • Purpose

  • Respect

Length of Term:

To be decided between mentor and mentee, but we recommend a mentor relationship that lasts through at least one level of the JHUI Teacher Certification Program.

Expectations of both Mentor and Mentee:

  • Respect for each others’ time

  • Respect for each others’ comfort level with specific topics/questions

  • Respect for the JHUI program which you are representing

  • Agreement about the length of time, availability, and acceptable methods of communication (email, phone, etc.)

Topic ideas:

  • Questions about JHUI assignments, resources or expectations

  • Performance Recording preparation

  • Practise tips

  • Discussion of JHUI experience

Questions / Comments?

Please reach out to Cynthia Kinnunen, Director of Engagement for Ukulele in the Classroom using the form below. All communications are confidential.

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