The Langley Ukulele Workshop and the James Hill Ukulele Initiative Teacher Certification Program are annual training events sponsored in part by Ukulele in the Classroom. Learn more about these events below.
Teacher Certification Program

Registraton for JHUI 2016/17 programs is now open! Click here for registration details.

The James Hill Ukulele Initiative Teacher Certification Program is the first of it's kind: a ground-breaking, comprehensive ukulele teacher training course. There are three levels of teacher certification, each built around one of the three volumes of the Ukulele in the Classroom method book series. Each level of certification is delivered over the course of 10 months. Full details can be found here.

The purposes of the JHUI Ukulele Teacher Certification Program are:

  • To recognize the attainment of knowledge, performance skills, and pedagogical understanding in the James Hill Ukulele Method.
  • To equip current and prospective ukulele teachers with tried-and-true ideas, repertoire and strategies.
  • To create a common language with regards to ukulele pedagogy and instruction.
  • To improve the quality of ukulele instruction in North America and worldwide.
  • To enhance employment opportunities for JHUI certified teachers.
  • To connect like-minded people.

Click here for more information about the JHUI Ukulele Teacher Certification program.

Please note: the JHUI Ukulele Teacher Certification Program is not a "learn to play ukulele" course. Prerequisite skills are outlined here.

Langley Ukulele Workshop

There will not be a Langley Ukulele Workshop in 2016. We're taking a break and we'll be back in 2017 with some exciting changes to the workshop format!

The Langley Ukulele Workshop is a fun, focused, two-day event open to students and teachers of all levels. Ideal for adult learners, the Langley Ukulele Workshop is the place to:

  • Learn from some of the most experienced ukulele teachers in the world.
  • Learn in a fun, well-organized adult-learner-oriented environment.
  • Experience a variety of teaching styles and prespectives.
  • Enjoy a wide range of interesting and unique ukulele classes.
  • Meet new friends and jam with like-minded people.

The Langley Ukulele Workshop features a number of unique initatives including the Langley Ukulele Workshop Follow-up Program, free Pre-workshop Prep Sheets, a scholarship program and much more.

Thank you for six amazing, memorable years... we'll be back in 2017 with bells on!

Please note: The LUW is not a teacher certification course and cannont be used as credit toward a JHUI Teacher Certificate.


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